Welcome to the 2014 Australian National Archery Championships Results Site

The Australian National Archery Championships is a Multi-Venue event run across Australia
All Venues will particpate in the event at their home venues on the same weeked of July 19th and 20th 2014 with scores submitted to the central database and published live on this website.

To particpate in this event you must enter into your local RBG's event. If you will be outside of your local RGB at the time, you can still participate by visiting another venue's event.
See the side bar for a link to the list of venues.

If you notice an error with your scores, in particular your 10 count, please contact the Venue you competed at.

Top 10 Standings per Open Division
Open Mens Recurve
1Ryan TyackSQAS1174
2Calvin HartleyVIC1150
3Alec PottsVIC1148
4Matthew GrayNSW1129
5Steve PeterVIC1116
6Peter ChoyWA1115
7Jarryd GreitschusSQAS1115
8Beau EvansVIC1114
9Matt CharmanVIC1114
10Neil HackettTAS1113
Open Womens Recurve
1Dawn Nelson-furnellVIC1098
2Leanne StrahanVIC1072
3Nicky StuutSA1067
4Petya ZhelezarovaSA1048
5Luana GengVIC1044
6Wendy MoylanSA1044
7Lisa MattonNSW1039
8Marianne RieckmannSA1036
9Tayla KingNSW1036
10Tatyana MelnykNSW1028
Open Mens Compound
1Patrick CoghlanSA1189
2Derek JacobsVIC1188
3Alec PottsVIC1179
4Scott BriceSQAS1177
5Justin OlexienkoSQAS1176
6Marcel VerstegenVIC1176
7Scott BuscombeNSW1173
8Brian PolitisNSW1173
9Alan PoundWA1172
10Damien SinclairVIC1169
Open Womens Compound
1Elizabeth Ellery-siaosiNZ1159
2Sherry GaleSA1158
3Madeleine FerrisSQAS1156
4Fiona GuestVIC1149
5Fiona HydeNSW1136
6Diann BensonNSW1135
7Honeyeh MorvaridWA1126
8Karina SchoesslerVIC1124
9Lisa ScottSA1120
10Debra HayNSW1120
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