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World Indoor Archery Challenge 2009
July 25th and 26th 2009
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Apart from the individual National Championship and WIAC parts of the event there is a team event that is part of both the AA National Championships and the WIAC.OPEN TEAMS EVENT
The Open Teams Event consists of 7 categories:
Junior: Recurve and Compound
Open: Recurve, Compound and Barebow (barebow recurve and longbow)
Master: Recurve and Compound
There is no limit to the number of teams able to be entered in any category by any RGB or country; it is up to individual archers to form the teams and then have them entered by contacting the venue organisers up until the morning of competition.
Archery Australia National Championship Medals: As this event is also part of the Archery Australia National Indoor Championships, Championship medals will be awarded to each of the three members in the seven winning teams, or Archery Australia Visitors medals will be awarded to non-Australian winning teams. The top Australian team in each category will be awarded National Championship medals even if they are not the overall winners.
WIAC Certificates: This team event is also part of WIAC and WIAC certificates will be issued to members of the 7 winning teams.
Team requirements:
• There will be 3 members in a team
• A team will consist of either 1 male + 2 females, or 2 males + 1 female.
• A team name must be submitted
• Team members will be from same RGB or, for international competitors, usually the same country but perhaps further divided by local areas at the discretion of the WIACOC
• An athlete may not compete in more than 1 team unless entered more than once in the Indoor event and in different categories. (e.g. an eligible archer may choose to shoot both as an Open and as a Junior, so will shoot 240 arrows over the weekend and pay two entry fees). Note that the RGB team event (*see below) is considered to be a completely separate event.
• No more than 1 ‘RGB team’ member can be in any Australian team
• All members of a team will shoot the same bow type – either recurve, compound or bare bow (bare bow recurve and longbow combined)
• Team members will be shooting the Indoor Nationals event in the age division compatible with their team entry
• Junior - all team members to be Junior or less in age and in category entered in event
• Open – archers from any of the 7 age divisions may be in this team
• Masters - all team members to be Masters or Veterans in age and in category entered in event.
• Team winners will be decided on the aggregate of the 3 team members’ scores over the 2 rounds (120 arrows/archer)
• Medals and certificates for any given category will only be awarded if there are at least 4 teams entered in that category.
*RGB TEAM EVENT: RGB teams are decided by individual states and their early announcement makes it easier for archers to form their own teams for the Open Team Event. An RGB may enter a recurve team and a compound team, each consisting of 4 members. There are no age or gender limits.

Top 5 Standings per Open Division
Open Mens Recurve
1Michael FisherACT1146
2Stephen FlorenceNZ1125
3Warren KertellNZ1110
4Tony MiddletonWA1106
5Trevor KennersonNZ1105
Open Womens Recurve
1Erika AnearVIC1103
2Elizabeth AndrewNZ1092
3Heather SymesVIC1091
4Dawn NelsonVIC1090
5Ashley SimWA1075
Open Mens Compound
1Pat CoghlanSA1178
2Kevin CottierWA1170
3Clint FreemanTAS1167
4Marcel VerstegenVIC1164
5Derek JacobsVIC1160
Open Womens Compound
1Erika AnearVIC1154
2Rachel MorganACT1147
3Madeleine FerrisSQLD1140
4Rebecca DarbySQLD1136
5Sue MartinSA1125

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