Indoor Round

  1. Standard Unit

    A Standard Unit shall consist of 6 ends of 5 arrows per end, shot over a distance of 20 yards. Cubs will shoot at a distance of 10 Yards.
    A Round shall consist of two Standard Units.

  2. Targets

    1. The target face shall be 40cm in diameter and shall be a dull blue colour (Colour code “Pantone ® 282C). The spot shall be two white rings with a blue X in the centre ring. All lines that separate the scoring areas shall be white (X-ring is used for tie breakers only)

    2. The bulls-eye shall be 8cm in diameter with 4cm diameter X-ring.

      International Field Archery Association
      Book of Rules: 2015-2016 edition 47

c. The Tournament Director may allow the archer to use the Indoor 5-spot target which will contain five 16 cm targets on a white or screened blue surface. A single target will consist of:

i. A white scoring area of 8.0 cm diameter.
ii. An outer scoring area of 16.0 cm being of a dull blue colour.

iii. Scoring will be: White scoring area: 5 points Blue scoring area: 4 points

iv. The targets on the face shall be arranged similar to the number "five dice". d. In the case of an archer being allowed to use the Indoor 5-spot target one arrow will be shot at each of the five spots on the target. They may be shot in any sequence. If more than one arrow is shot into the same spot, only the lowest

scoring arrow shall be counted.

  1. Shooting Positions

    Shooting positions will provide sufficient area to enable two archers to shoot simultaneously at one target butt.

  2. Shooting Rules

    1. An archer shall stand so that he has one foot on either side of the shooting line.

    2. The time limit per end shall be four minutes.

    3. All other shooting rules shall apply as listed under IFAA Tournament rules.

    4. In the event of equipment failure the archer shall inform the Shoot Director after

      the end is completed. The archer will thereafter have 15 minutes of repair time without holding up the tournament. After resolving the problem (either the repair of the failed equipment or the use of other equipment, which has passed the bow inspection) the archer shall be allowed to shoot the missed arrows after the final end of that Round, with a maximum of 3 ends (15 arrows).

      An archer will only be allowed one equipment failure per Round.

  3. Scoring

    1. The scoring is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 from the spot out.

    2. In the case of a witnessed bounce-out or an arrow passing completely through the

      scoring area of the target an archer may shoot another arrow.

    3. Hits on the wrong target will be scored as misses.

      International Field Archery Association
      Book of Rules: 2015-2016 edition 48

  1. When an arrow is dropped while the archer is in the act of shooting, he may shoot another arrow in place of the dropped arrow if the dropped arrow is within 10 feet of the shooting line.

  2. If an archer shoots more than five arrows in an end, only the five arrows of the lower value may be scored.

  3. If an archer shoots less than five arrows in one end he may shoot his remaining arrows if the omission is discovered before the end is officially completed; otherwise they shall be scored as misses.

  4. Upon completion of the first Standard Unit the pair of archers shall exchange positions. The archers who shot first will shoot second, the archers who shot on the left target face shall shoot on the right target face and vice versa. It will be the archer’s responsibility to move his/her target face to the changed position. Target faces may not be moved after the second Standard Unit has started.

  5. In the event that the two target faces are placed ‘over and under’ the pair of archers shooting first shall always shoot the bottom target face.

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