Event Completed

The ABA Victorian IFAA Indoor Championships is a Multi-Venue event run across Australia All Venues will particpate in the event at their home venues between the 8th and 14th of August with scores submitted to the central database and published live on this website.

To particpate in this event you must enter into your local venue's event from the "Venues - Register" link on the left side.

See the side bar for a link to the list of venues.

If you notice an error with your scores, in particular your X count, please contact the Venue you competed at.

What Bow Style do I shoot? Archery Australia Shooters
Open Compound: Freestyle Unlimited
Open Recurve: Freestyle Limited Recurve
Barebow Compound: Bowhunter Compound or Barebow Compound
Barebow Recurve: Bowhunter Recurve
Longbow: Longbow

3DAAA Shooters
MBO/FBO: Freestyle Unlimited
Bowhunter Fingers: Freestyle Limited Compound
Compound Unaided: Barebow Compound
Recurve Unaided: Bowhunter Recurve
Bowhunter Release: Freestyle Unlimited Traditional: Longbow if longbow is used or Bowhunter Recurve if Recurve used.

Top 10 Standings per Open Division

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